November 13, 2006

Advanced Time Management Tips For Solo Entrepreneurs

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November 10, 2006

Sports - Calling All Golf Players - Add This To Your Game And Improve


"Winners never quit and Quitters never win"
Be A Winner

Hi there. Calling all golf players! If you add this to your game and improve your chipping plus putting, you may beat your opponent the next time around out on the golf course - You'll Be Amazed ~ How to have fun during a round of golf. And possibly make some money and improve your chipping plus putting on the green to top it off.

I must confess that my golf game is not that great. If I score under 90 well that calls for "drinks on me." I will also add that to take golf lessons is not in my agenda. I have been playing golf for over 20 years and I will say that when I do, I am at one of my happiest moments at that time.

Hitting that small white golf ball with my clubs and watching it fly through the air to a spot that most of the time I was not aiming for, is exciting stuff. I normally play with a group of eight to twelve friends and during these rounds we place small bets as part of a reward system to those that excel that day. I am sure most of you amateur golfers do the same. Bets named "robins, wolf and skins" are commonplace. Personally the wolf and robins are my favorites because both give me the further aspect of having a partner involved. The skins game is my worst because it is dependent on individual play. But one day last year one of our golfing partners said he had another bet to add. So now we have four bets to play for.


When he explained the rules to this putting idea well I hopped right on it with enthusiasm. My game has never been one of greens in regulation. My drives, if in the fairway are seldom long enough to place me in a position to hit the green on my second approach shot. Normally I am within 25 yards of the green and then I tend to excel. This is why I was excited about this new idea. Read these simple rules for this game and share it with your golfing friends.

First rule: Agree to deposit some funds into a putting pot for that day. We normally place $5.00 each.

Second rule: Player with the lowest amount of putts wins it all. If there is a tie then the pot is split between the players that tied.

Third rule: The only putt that counts is one that is made on the putting surface.

Fourth rule: If on the putting surface and a putting stroke is made, should the ball roll off the green itself, that stroke will count but the next putt will not since your off the green again.

Fifth rule: If off the green and your putt rolls the ball into the cup that counts as a zero putt.

Sixth rule: If any player makes over three putts on any hole, he is penalized one quarter ($0.25) for each stroke over three. This is added to the putting pot.

Seventh rule: No arguments.

Since we added this fourth bet element to our golf game, I have improved my chipping and putting. So if your game needs help in these two areas suggest adding the above and you will find that your handicap is going to be lower, you are going to feel good about yourself, you
are going to walk away with some winnings and most of all you will have had a great time. All golfers will tell you: Any day on the golf course is a good day.

Thanks for reading these golf tips and I hope if anything, it relates to some of you. To Learn more... Click HERE

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Enjoy your golf game!

Bettie W
> presented by Bettie Wylie

November 05, 2006

Computer And Mind Programming - African Americans Decide Your Destiny - Master Your Mind Instantly!

Computer And Mind Programming - African Americans...
"mind tools"

Chicken soup for the mind ~ You Are What You Think"

by tina

Hi there. I have been thinking hard lately about computer programming and mind programming ~ how closely related they are - oh but wait-YOU CAN Learn to master your mind. It is so very easy to program our minds, the same way we program our computers.

We all have what it takes to master our own minds to the fullest. Motivate yourself. There are many who practice this daily to enhance their overall lives. Have you ever wanted to know how
to Generate Passion Using Visualization - Much of the interpretation of our experiences is determined by how we represent them in our minds.

An experience must pass through the filter of your past experiences, personal beliefs, value systems, religious understanding and many other filters before being stored in your brain as a memory. A negative experience with telephone marketers may cause you to immediately hang up the phone whenever a telephone marketer calls in the future.
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November 03, 2006

Discover The 8 Steps To A Mountain Moving Faith

Hi there. Have you heard the saying " If you have faith; as a grain of mustard seed you can say to this mountain : move ! And it will move! And nothing will be impossible to you? Well - I would like to share my opinion with you! You can possibly transform your life and your future if you will discover and dispatch the power of mountain moving faith to your life or business situation. You can accomplish what seems at first impossible if you will take the eight steps of mountain moving faith.

There are many people who claim to live by faith but remain low achievers. We all know individuals who claim to exercise real faith yet they accomplish little or nothing. What's wrong ? Frequently failure is the result of a too shallow faith.
Mountain moving faith is not merely touching your toes in the water. Mountain moving faith is faith that dares to step into deep water.
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November 02, 2006

Vacation And Travel Tips

by: Success2u

Hi there. Always on the road and possibly being a Orlando travel insider? Revealed here are secrets, and some of the best ways to cut costs on your next family vacation to Orlando and anywhere else in the world. It all adds up....

  • Put a lid on gas prices. Your best Orlando, FL travel friend on the road should be a website that surveys prices at gas stations across the country. You can find a gas station closest to you--wherever you are-- with the cheapest rates. Dont go more than a few blocks out of your way to get the lower price or you will burn in gas what you saved in cash.

  • Get an eticket. When you book your flights, ask for an email confirmation, even if it needs to be send to a neighbors computer. Some airlines charge $25 if you request a paper ticket.

  • Dont change your mind. Since the travel downturn after September 11, most airlines have added a penalty fee of about $100 per ticket for flight changers on nonrefundable tickets, so have a firm plan before you book your reservation to Orlando, FL.

  • Check the discount airlines. Big online travel agencies (such as Orbitz, Travelocity, and Expedia) are great for finding low fares, but some of the discount airlines- included in their price comparisons. Go to the airlines' sites to find out whether they offer better deals.

  • Brown Bag it. Many discount airlines are able to offer lower rates because they dont serve snacks or meals on board. Avoid the inflated prices of airport food by packing your own.

  • Get a free breakfast. You dont have to stay at a bread-and-breakfast to get a free morning meal for your family. All-suites hotels, such as Holiday Inn offer FREE breakfast that can save you about $10 per person. No breakfast? Ask the hotel for a refrigerator in your room, and buy the things you need for one or more meals per day so you dont have to eat in the pricey hotel restaurant or go ahead an rent a spacious Orlando Villa.

  • Don't get hosed for making phone calls. If your staying at the Wyndam Hotel for example sign up for special program or ensure the villas in Orlando offer free local calls. Otherwise, use your cell phone for all calls or buy a prepaid calling card in advance.

  • Save on rental car insurance. Many credit cards offer automatic insurance on rental cars, so you probably won't need the package the rental company offers if you pay with your card. Just check with your credit card company before the trip. Also check with your auto insurance carrier to see if your plan includes rental cars.

  • Be sure you do your comparison of villas, hotels, inns, resorts to ensure you find the best fit before making your trip into Orlando FL and other places around the world.

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    I promise you the secrets I'll expose here will exceed your wildest of expectations. Here is just a tiny sneak peek of the kind of beyond-belief information you can expect to discover in my guide! Learn more... Full Details

    Enjoy your travel savings,

    Bettie W.

    This article comes with reprint rights. Feel free to reprint and distribute as needed. All that we ask is that you do not make any changes and to be sure that the web site address stays in tact! presented by Bettie Wylie

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