August 27, 2009

Back To School Savings ... And Deals

Heads up! Be the first to know - School shopping is starting
to heat up and so are the deals at Amazon. Students of all
ages (and their parents) will find new savings now at the
Back-to-School and College ...

# A 16-inch Toshiba laptop for just ...
# A stock up and save promotion on Study Snacks
# $10 off select denim orders

It's almost time to fill up those book bags again. From pre-K
activity books and children's dictionaries to middle grade math
and science study guides and more, our featured selection of
back-to-school titles covers the kids' schoolbooks and student
life resources from a to z. Browse by grade level:

* For Pre-K-Kindergarten
* For First-Third Graders
* For Fourth-Sixth Graders
* For Junior and High School Students

Plus, new stores devoted to Bags and Backpacks and Backpack
Bundles Pre-filled with School Supplies and Learning Tools...

Makes it easy to find the perfect pack. You may also want to
check out Amazon's Office Products Store which offers school
shopping by grade and the Textbook Store which offers everyday
low prices: up to 30% off new and up to 90% off used textbooks.

College Essentials
Back-to-School Savings
Toshiba Laptop
Study Snacks
$10 off select denim orders
Bags and Backpacks
Backpack Bundles
School Shopping by Grade
Textbook Store

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August 16, 2009

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August 12, 2009

Review: "The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet" by Corey Rudl

"Learn how to make a life-changing income of $100,000 to $250,000
with your Internet business... even if you're a computer dummy!"

Review: "The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet"
by Corey Rudl

I've just finished reading the brand-new 2005 version of Corey Rudl's
top-selling Internet marketing system, "The Insider Secrets To Marketing
Your Business On The Internet," and frankly, I'm overwhelmed by the huge
amount of critical wealth-building information he's managed to pack into
these two hefty binders and 3 CDs!

But I guess I shouldn't be surprised; after all, when the box containing
these materials showed up at my door, it weighed in at over 10 pounds!

That's 10 pounds of the most comprehensive marketing strategies, test
results, case studies, tools, and ideas for generating a life-changing
income online (from $1,000s to over $1 million) you're ever likely to read!

I'm talking about information like...

* Step-by-step advice for starting your own Internet business in as
little as 48 hours!

* How to build a top-selling web site... for less than $100!

* Where to find hot products to sell (in 20 minutes or LESS)!

* 100s of FREE and cheap online tools, resources, and software

* How to get 1,000s of qualified NEW visitors to your web site...
for FREE!

* How to get #1 rankings in the search engines and get tons of
FREE traffic from the "Big Guys" like Google!

* Secrets to writing sales copy that can increase sales by up to
400% (or MORE)! And much more!

If you're unsure who Corey is, you should know that he's been a recognized
expert in online marketing for a decade now. Not only has he generated
$40,000,000 in online sales, his sites also attract 450,000 visitor a week!

What's really great about Corey is that he can show ANYONE how to have
a wildly profitable Internet business (that takes just a few hours each
day to run)...

... even if you're an absolute computer dummy!

And if you already have an Internet business, he can help YOU, too. The
advanced sections of his system show you how you can increase your sales
by 400%... 700%... even as much as 1,000%!

I give Corey's system the highest rating possible! Its 1,300+ pages of
step-by-step lessons contain the exact SAME tested and proven fast-growth
strategies he has personally used to generate over $40 million in online
sales -- starting on a shoestring budget!

And it's the SAME SYSTEM that literally 1,000s of his students have used
to drive "truckloads" of cash out of the Internet.

I strongly urge you to check out Corey's wealth-building system as soon
as possible! Click here for a FREE preview.

Corey Rudl

August 04, 2009

Spyware and Adware, oh my!

Alright so obviously I know that spyware and adware is bad
for your computer, I'm not stupid. I just had no idea of
the extent to which these can affect or even destroy your
life. A friend of mine recently found out that he apparently
purchased a house in a different country; what really happened
is that someone stole all of his personal information, even his
social security number, over the internet using spyware!

He was so freaked out when he was informed of this that he doesn't
even want to use his computer anymore. Now his credit rating is
completely destroyed, and it's not even his fault! If he had just
done something about it earlier, he wouldn't have any of these
problems. So after this incident I've decided to let as many
people as possible know the true extent of spyware and adware.

Sure they can cause popups, slowdown, and other obnoxious things,
but they can do a lot more too. Spyware and adware can also track
everything you do on the internet as well as report it to a third
party. This means: where you visited, information you entered, and
even things you clicked. So if you have these parasites on your
computer, someone could be leeching all of your personal information!
To make it even worse, this information is very likely to be sold to
even more people. That means that hundreds of people, or even more,
could have all of your personal information.

I highly recommend you download this free report called Adware Removal.
It discusses everything about these parasites as well as how to go about
scanning for them and removing them. If you care at all about your
livelihood, you will at least download and read the report, it's free!

Click Here To Download Your Free Adware Removal Report

Thank You,

To Your Success

Louise W.

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