January 31, 2007

What Are Safe Lists & Yahoo! Groups?

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Recommendation for Safe Mailing...

Hi there. I believe this Safe List mailing method can help out in your new and existing campaigns! Yahoo! Groups & Safe Mail are groups of people who have signed up to exchange information by sending emails to other members of the group with their promotional messages, and can each contain a few hundred to many thousands of members. Whenever you send a message to a group, it is distributed to all subscribed members email addresses.

*Reach 5,000+ Double Opt-In Groups DAILY!
*We Follow All Subscribing And Posting Rules Of All Groups!
*Send Your Ads Daily Using Our Servers, Not Your ISP!
*No Need To Receive Emails From The Yahoo! Groups!
*Only 100% Double Opt-In Subscribers, No Spam!
*5,500+ Real & Working Groups Now In Our Database!

*Live Count: 2214 Approved Real Yahoo! Groups In Our Database!
*Live Count: 3527 Approved Real SafeList Groups In Our Database!
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Thank You so much for your time and interest in learning more about safe mail groups and e-mailing the safe way!

As Always, Much Success to U!

Bettie W.

January 30, 2007

10 Milllion Hits?

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If you want to start, expand and/or promote any type business, then this could be it! Knowledge is Power! Did you know that you can learn how to ~ Get 10 Million Hits...

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10-MILLION-HITS.com is the most popular and most effective traffic and income increasing advertising machine in the whole net. We attend to over 7100 commercial and private websites, whose traffic has almost exploded and whose sales have reached an enormous number since joining us!

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January 29, 2007

Traffic Swarm - Is It Too Good To Be True?

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Hi there. You can now discover and learn about one of the fastest ways to instantly increase traffic, visitors, sales to any website, product or service. Read on...

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Anyway, you do us both a favor and check it out ASAP for yourself. It's still pretty new and you will benefit even more if you create your FREE account now before most people join. -OR- just Visit Traffic Swarm ~ Give it a try and let me know what you think ...

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January 28, 2007

Take the Fast Lane to Online Success With Page Swirl Advertising

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Hi there. Information is so powerful and we can never learn too much, or have enough of it - but must know what to do with it once it is in front of us! I would like to share with you some Important free information from Page Swirl...Here is what they have to say -

As Internet marketers and business owners, we've invested a good deal of time and effort locating and testing THE most effective and quality advertising methods available online. Not just for promoting PageSwirl itself, but for any and all Internet products, services, and opportunities.

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January 26, 2007

You could be the next Winner at Web-Dawg Advertising Game Website!

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Hi there. Do you need 50,000 Visitors to your site? How about 1,000,000 Banner Ads, or a wad of Cash! At Web-Dawg, you're not playing against a billion to one odds. Web-Dawg claims they have winners practically Every Day! Play FREE 15 times Every Day! To learn more about...
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